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September 30, 2014

Francesca Finds Morel Mushrooms


Sharkey! Come and see what I just found!


Here I come, Francesca! You sound very excited!


Yes, indeed, Sharkey! I have found quite a few wonderful morel mushrooms. People say they're delicious but kind of rare, so they're in high demand, very valuable, and tend to fetch a pretty penny in farmers' markets. That's why mushroom lovers are so excited to find them in the wild. And even though they're easy to identify with their spongy, honeycomb-like appearance, it's best to hunt for them -- or any mushrooms, for that matter, with an experienced forager


Franny, I've heard that morels live in and on the edge of forested areas.  They like to grow under ash, aspen, elm, and oak trees. These, however, seem to favor growing at the base of a horse chestnut tree.


In any event, we should get a basket and pick these for Martha. She enjoys morels sauteed over fresh pasta or in an omelet.

Francesca and Sharkey
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Meet Francesca: I entered this world on December 13, 2004, in Pinewood, Minnesota. I’m a bit older and certainly far wiser than Sharkey. Like Sharkey, I’m also friendly and quite curious, but I’m more cautious about letting my curiosity get me into trouble. I must admit that we do have fun together. I just know when to stop. Martha describes me as a bit obsequious, but that’s ... Read More

Comments (18)

  • SEVoiland321 7 Dec, 2014

    Your pups are darling and those morels a distant memory of my childhood, finding them in the woods that surrounded our home just outside of the city limits of Detroit MI. I grew up in the woods to run free and find wild mushrooms, black berries, raspberries, and bring our mom scrunched up handfulls of trillium, May apples, violets, and tiger lillies. Thanks for the memory nudge. Also, I'm making those apple studded fritters after the holiday craziness is over. Yum.

  • fan4MS 16 Oct, 2014

    Oh I love morel mushrooms! When I use to ride through the woods I'd find them....they are the ugliest things, but the tastiest to eat. You Frenchie girls have to remember the areas you found them and come back every lucky dogs!
    delia & Kitty =^..^=

  • rosieloveslaura 22 Jul, 2014

    Finally! You two girls make me laugh and you have been missed.

  • Bouncingbeardies 21 Jul, 2014

    Hello Franny & Sharkey:
    Glad to see that you are back - we missed you. Hope to see you guys (and the rest of the gang) on a regular basis!
    Look forward to your next post.
    Martha, Miz Lu & Riley boy

  • animalloverjan 21 Jul, 2014

    Hi Francesca and Sharkey! It's so great to learn more about both of you and can't wait to see more of your blogs! Will be fun to see more of Ghenghis Khan, also! I have loved you from the first time I saw all three of you sweethearts and love your comments that you share with us, also! Love, Dudley Do Right and Jan

  • Fran Danville 18 Jul, 2014

    Hi Francisca and Sharky, Enjoyed this last blog on the mushrooms. When will we see your next blog.Been checking back everyday to see if you have added a new blog. Miss your blogs. Have a great day.

  • TrishEllenC 10 Jul, 2014

    Hey Franny & Sharkey - Sorry I'm a little late with noticing your new blog but I forgot to sign up to get a notification. It's good to see you back. I don't always comment but I read your blog often. Thanks heaps for the recipes using morels. Now if I only had some morels! Trish

  • Bee_1 1 Jul, 2014

    Glad you are back, you were sorely missed!

    Morel mushrooms in an omelet sounds like an excellent lunch.

  • shawksby 27 Jun, 2014

    Boy have I missed you gals!!! Love you blog!!! Please keep us informed on GK and the rest of the family!!
    Hugs and kisses,

  • Baby Favor 25 Jun, 2014

    Glad to see you back and blogging, Francesca Baby and Sharkey. All us Milwaukeeans missed you, and hope you will tell us of your adventures.
    A bientot!
    Baby Favor

  • prconger 23 Jun, 2014

    Welcome Back Francesca and Sharkey....we have certainly missed you!!!!! Mom loves mushrooms, us not so much. What have you two been doing this Spring? Any plans for the summer? Have you been to Maine this year? How are the donks, the horses, the chickens, the canaries, the cats? We are so, so glad to finally hear from you! We need cake to celebrate!
    Pugs and happy cake dance kisses,
    Brutus and Max

  • bunnylove1964 23 Jun, 2014

    Hooray F&S are back!

    I missed you like crazy! My days weren't the same as I was missin' my favorite girly girls!

    Mushrooms are tasty... but they give me a bit gas! :)

    Welcome back!

  • AnnBrennan 23 Jun, 2014

    Hello F & S!!! It's about time you're back! The old Glue Squad was getting nervous but Ruby was keeping everyone calm.

    Do you want my address to send some of those mushrooms my way they are YUMMO!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer. We just had a weekend with the grandkids and I'm exhausted. The little boy doesn't like me but the little girl loves me :)

    Glad you are back!!


  • swein 23 Jun, 2014

    Hey girlfriends!
    Boy, is it great to see you back again. Great mushroom hunting. Mimi's Mom loved morels, Mimi not so much, me not at all.
    I'll be checking in for more posts from my cutie patooties.
    Your pal,

  • Dixie Boy 23 Jun, 2014

    So glad to see you girls! Don't morels have a look alike that's poisonous? Morels are hollow where the poisonous ones are more solid inside? I'm not much into mushrooms, but the cousins used to eat them. Kim was not too happy about that!
    Hope our friends find us here!
    Welcome back!!!!!
    Dixie Boy

  • dancingdogs 23 Jun, 2014

    It is sooooo good to see my Daily Wag pals and learn of the Morels. This is good to see you again. How are you? The Glue Squad has missed you all. Your favorite Ruby Gem here has been enjoying the summer and busy on my landscape design. Have a GEM of a day. Love and licks, Ruby

  • jamesdean 23 Jun, 2014

    Great find Sharkey and Franny! So wonderful to see your adventures together again! We had morel mushrooms under our shrubs but a hungry creature quickly ate all of them.

  • WillieDaly 21 Jun, 2014

    Phoebe, says to tell Fran and Shark (she likes pet names for her friends) they are just about the smartest buddies she knows. She could take a lesson or two from them......