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In Our Pantry: Peppadews

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO

Their perky name says it all: These peppers add a little pep to just about everything and are sweet in taste and appearance (imagine a cherry tomato's adorable twin). The South African fruit -- yes, peppers are fruits -- retains its irresistable crunch even after it's been hulled, seeded, and pickled in brine. The hot version has the pungency of pickled jalapenos, while the mild gives off just a subtle heat; either can be used in the recipes here, as can the tangy brine.

Spicy Side Dish

Peppadew Cornbread

Stir thinly sliced Peppadews and scallions into cornbread batter just before baking.

Classic With a Twist

Peppadew Mac and Cheese

Stir thinly sliced Peppadews into macaroni and cheese just before serving. We love 1/2 cup in our three-cheese version.

Where to Buy

Look for Peppadews in jars, or sold by weight at olive bars or deli counters in grocery stores. You can also order them at


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