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June 04, 2014

Quiz: What Type of Doughnut Are You?

The first Friday in June marks an important holiday: National Doughnut Day. Take our quiz to find out what deep-fried, doughy delight best suits you.

Jessica Anderson
Social Media Editor


Jessica Anderson
About the Author
Jessica Anderson is a writer and editor living in New York City. She loves popcorn, home design, and prowling Pinterest for everyday inspiration. Read More

Comments (15)

  • Jims Girl 12 Jun, 2014

    I think most of you are taking this quiz all wrong!! It's not saying what kind of donut you LIKE! The quiz is saying what kind of donut YOU ARE based on your answers. If you read the results it's telling you what type of personality you have like the donuts. It's not stating you like to eat those type of donuts. So now how close was the description to your personality no matter what type of donut you like to eat? If they wanted to know that they could have just had a list of donuts!

  • Laura415 10 Jun, 2014

    Wow! So much hatin' on the cake donuts. I love cake donuts and the quiz got me right on. First they are tender. They are not too sweet. And they can withstand a lot of experimentation with flavors. Chocolate 5 spice and Lemon thyme with pistachios are favorites at our local donut place. Krispy creme tastes just like a sugary cotton ball to me.

  • JokerGodot 10 Jun, 2014

    Right On! Cake donuts are my favourite - Sour Cream being at the top!

  • Debbi 6-15 10 Jun, 2014

    My answer: cake donut! Sorry, I don't think so, what is that anyway? I'm a Boston Creme girl all the way! Plain donuts are boring, I need toppings & fillings...the messier it is the better it tastes, haaaaa

  • Belinda Gritter 10 Jun, 2014

    This didn't hit my inbox until after the first Friday in June. Nonetheless, glazed was my answer. Actually, any answer would have been fine because I never met a doughnut I didn't like. Fun quiz. I miss Martha on TV every day. There was no other show quite like it and adding yet another hum-drum talk show lost me to the entire channel.

  • KT556 10 Jun, 2014

    Cake Doughnut? Really? Favorite is CLASSIC BISMARK with raspberry jam inside, sugar on the outside.

  • Venus Meredith 9 Jun, 2014

    Actually I hate cake donuts I am a raised glazed kind of girl!! Good thing your quiz is for fun.

  • psychRN 9 Jun, 2014

    Jessica, you are way off on this one. I detest cake donuts. I love raised, glazed ones.

  • D-Liz 9 Jun, 2014

    It seems the only donut they have are plain ones. I LOVE old fashioned donuts!!

  • MickeyC 9 Jun, 2014

    Quiz said my favorite doughnut is a creme filled. Those are good, but I must include cake donuts and cinnamon buns. Love doughnuts and pastry, a little too much.

  • sharynn 9 Jun, 2014

    I thought the test was a little odd, but my facorite donut on the planet or universe is KRISPY CREME. I live in a little hick town in Oklahoma, which doesn't have a decent donut shop let a lone a Krispy Creme donut store. So when I talk to my friends in California, I ask them to eat one for me.

  • Vashti Clarke 9 Jun, 2014

    Glazed and boy do I love them

  • Micopi28 9 Jun, 2014

    I love it ! (^0^)/

  • Nikki Johnstone 9 Jun, 2014

    It says mine would be a cake donut. I absolutely hate those nasty things.... doughnuts are to be made with yeast. The best way to eat a doughnut is fresh out of the fryer, lightly rolled in granulated sugar... yum yum

  • pram55 9 Jun, 2014

    Well...that result doesn't make sense. Although I do like plain cake doughnuts at times, I did answer yes to frosting, filling and chocolate...which would lead me to believe that I would not end up with a plain cake doughnut. LOL.