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Floral Wreath Eggs

Why decorate Easter eggs when you can accessorize them? Follow these simple steps to make a beautiful floral wreath for your Easter egg.


Supplies needed:

  • Baby's breath
  • Scissors
  • 2 six-inch pieces of 28-gauge wire
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Permanent marker

First, cut small pieces of baby's breath.


Use one piece of wire to make a circle to fit the top of your egg, twisting the ends around each other to secure.


Use second piece of wire to wrap cut pieces of baby's breath to the circle, each overlapping the last piece.


When you come back to the beginning, cut wire.


Draw face, place crown, and display.

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Anne Weil

Anne Weil is the creative voice behind Flax & Twine. A lover of beautiful things, she designs charming knit and crochet patterns and simple DIY crafts for the modern maker. Her signature style is bright and clean, with gorgeous photography and step-by-step instructions that can be followed with ease. Find Anne's book, "Knitting Without Needles," a Potter Craft title, to immerse...

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