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Frances Palmer’s Favorite Edibles for Growing and Arranging

When Frances Palmer, an avid cook and baker, wanted a place to grow her vegetables, she found the ideal spot in her backyard in Connecticut. Here are some of her favorites from her garden

Photography by: Peden and Munk LLC
‘Indigo Rose’ tomatoes

‘Gretel’ white eggplants

“Sculptural with a gorgeous shape and pure white color, this miniature variety is also tasty.”

‘Indigo Rose’ tomatoes

“I love how they change from green-and-black to a deep reddish-purple as they ripen.”

Fraises des bois

“I eat some alpine strawberries every morning, plus they look pretty in arrangements.”

‘Tongue of Fire’ shelling beans

“These mottled red-and-white beans and pods are so beautiful that I tend to hoard them.”

‘Velour’ filet beans

“The lovely dark-purple beans turn green when cooked but rarely make it to the pot, because I eat them straight off the vine.”

Chioggia beets

“It’s a treat to cut one of these delicious beets open. They are red-and-white-striped!”


“The tall edible flowers add height to a bouquet. Plus, this herb makes every salad pop with flavor.”

Kabocha squash

“The most delicious and sweetest squash for baking. It’s hard to find at farmers’ markets, so I make sure to plant it each year.”