Cookbook Gift Wrap

There's always a great new cookbook to share with friends or family who love to cook and bake. Make it two gifts in one, wrapped with the best kitchen helper: a linen tea towel.

Ready for gifting!

Wrap It Up!

Here's our step-by-step wrap of "Martha Stewart's Cakes" with our Piece of Cake tea towel. So simple and a perfect pair!

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Tea Towel Cookbook Wrap How-To


To begin, fold the tea towel to match the length of the book. 


Position the tea towel on the cover of the book. 

Fold and wrap the ends of the towel on the back of the book.

Center the ribbon vertically on the front, twist on the back, and ...


... tie a simple bow on the front. You're done!

About the Author
San Francisco-based Studiopatro makes kitchen textiles that are useful and beautiful. Owner and designer Christina Weber's career in graphic design and art direction serendipitously brought her work into the milieu of talented food stylists, chefs, cooking, and kitchenware. With this experience as her inspiration, tea towels, and aprons became the perfect canvas for a new endeavor in...


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