Salad Boosters

Pair fresh herbs with your favorite green salad


Fresh herbs can bring bright, assertive flavors to green salads. No chopping needed -- just mix in whole leaves, including the stems if you’re using leafy varieties such as chervil or cilantro. Here are a few perfect pairings.

Chervil & Butter Lettuce

The subtle and delicate nature of chervil isn’t lost in the mix when matched with this tender green.


Italian Parsley & Leaf Lettuce

This earthy herb stands up to the hearty texture of red or green leaf lettuce.


Cilantro & Romaine

A neutral and crunchy lettuce like romaine works well with strong, citrusy cilantro.


Tarragon & Frisée

Match peppery chicories like frisée with powerful tarragon (including the blooms), which has hints of licorice.