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Cozy Mittens

A pair of hand-knit mittens should be the universal symbol for wintertime happiness and comfort. (It’s also an instant heirloom: How many an orphaned mitten is cherished long after losing its mate because someone’s nana knit it?)


The nubby ones here are made with an ingenious one-piece pattern that calls for the speedy garter stitch, so you could knit a pair for every family member.

Bespoke Touch

You can select as many as three colors for each pair of mittens (the main part, plus two accent shades for the crocheted closure). Choose a palette and then switch the colors around for different people within one family.



  1. Step 1


    Print out the instructions for men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2013

Reviews (23)

  • rmdatnkx 5 Dec, 2014

    A fun and ingenious pattern, I would suggest you follow the pattern as written no matter how counter-intuitive it seems to an experienced knitter. Look at the picture in step 1. When it is finished and time to assemble .... FacePalm Wow! Really cool pattern.

  • JSowellGlover 20 Oct, 2014

    Tried these this morning. I had no problem with the directions, although be sure to track your rows. I haven't crocheted them together yet, but they seem to match right up stitch for stitch. I tried them in the child's size, and used Bernat Mosaic yarn in the rainbow colorway for my child who is obsessed with ROY G BIV! It looks really cool so far!

  • NanasCreations 19 Aug, 2014

    This was a fun pattern. You must watch your rows closely since it is garter stitch only it was super simple. I would suggest a row counter or checking off rows as you go... many times I had to count because I got sidetracked! Next time I will use a smaller sized needle.. I tend to knit loosely. It really did help to look at the picture of the mitten when it was completed before crocheting together.

  • Ms M 26 Jan, 2014

    I have completed one pair, and also thought it is a very clever design. The photograph of the laid-out mitten before crocheting was a huge help. The instructions are clear, but I certainly had to make a check mark for each row completed! I'll need to make a clean copy of instructions so I can add the check marks for the next pair.

  • karabear 26 Jan, 2014

    I've had a hard time following this pattern, too. I tried to make the child's size, but the top of the mits did not match up. The second finger arc was half as wide as necessary. Which makes sense since rows 20 through 29 say to knit 10 rows, and rows 46 through 50 say to knit 5 rows. I'm trying to backtrack and add the extra width, but I'm a beginning knitter and find this very complicated. Add my voice to those who would love a revised pattern!

  • MackerelTabby 14 Jan, 2014

    This is a great pattern! I've noticed some mention of errors in the pattern...there are none that I found and I have made the mittens. The front and back are not the same, so the repeated rows, etc are different. Try it, and have a look at the picture with the overlapping thumb pieces and you'll see what I mean. (P.S. They came out great with Knit Picks City Tweed Aran weight, and Brava worsted as the edging crochet.)

  • talloak 13 Jan, 2014

    I have looked over all the instructions and comments. I agree it would be best to add the yardage of worsted weight yarn needed to complete each size of mittens. also a schematic or chart would help a lot. Finally the error on the instruction line for rows 48-54 women's should be corrected.

    I'm hoping to use this pattern to start knitting gifts for 2014 holidays, but how much yarn do I need, can I clean up my stash???

  • kllb77 4 Jan, 2014

    shopgyrl, the directions should say " rows 48 through 54: Knit 12 rows."

  • kllb77 4 Jan, 2014

    Oh, wait, no, I'm wrong, disregard. A schematic would be really helpful.

  • Shopgirl_ny152 2 Jan, 2014

    @Karenick : please, can you tell me which error in row 48.
    I'm trying to follow the instructions but also seem to me wrong..

  • karenick 31 Dec, 2013

    I tried to make the women gloves, there is a mistake starting at row 48. Being a long time knitter I was able to figure it out. But they should print a revised version, for those who can not. I would appreciate a revised pattern. I do love the mittens. Have not tried the mans or children ones yet, but they are next on my list.

  • weymouth58 16 Dec, 2013

    "Make 1 left" is one way to describe an increase. Sometimes it shows as M1 in the directions. As an experienced knitter, I went to You Tube, typed in M1 and sat back and watched a very good video. Hope this helps.

  • karenwontcook 15 Dec, 2013

    I am confused by the "make 1 left" directions. Could you clarify these please.

  • winchar5107 14 Dec, 2013

    I am very frustrated trying to download this pattern. Updated adobe, made sure pop ups weren't disable and still no luck. Can anyone help.?

  • IrmaSM 12 Dec, 2013

    please tell me how to get the instructions for the cozy mittens shown here and in the Dec.2013 issue. I have tried everything. Thank you.

  • ellynvb 9 Dec, 2013

    Do you have a video of the left / Right instructions. I cannot seem to follow your written instruction

  • shi ling 6 Dec, 2013

    As to the amount of yarn, by "template", do you mean instructions? I don't find any mention of yardage. Could you clarify how to find the template because the yardage is not specified in the instructions. THANKS

  • MSLO Moderator 6 Dec, 2013

    The weight of the yarn is provided on the template: we used worsted weight yarn. Yardage is also indicated; the sources for the yarn we used is provided on template.

  • shi ling 6 Dec, 2013

    For the women's mittens "2 skeins" of yarn are called for, but I'm not sure what size skein you mean. Could you supply weight and yardage please? Thanks

  • MSLO Moderator 3 Dec, 2013

    Hyperlinks to three templates (Women's mittens instructions, Men's mittens instructions, Kids' mittens instructions) are posted under Materials. These are PDF files. To download, view, and print the templates, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be properly installed on your computer. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free: If you're still having trouble, verify that your computer is running an updated version of the browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Zorraslucy 2 Dec, 2013

    The mitten pattern does not open and the pattern was not in the Martha Stewart magazine that I bought. I wanted to whip some up for
    Christmas. Where is the link please?

  • Haypook 2 Dec, 2013

    There is no link from where you "tick" asking for the instructions, to the actual instructions

  • eileenalmeida 2 Dec, 2013

    How do you print out the directions for these mittens?