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Halloween Ink-Jet Tattoos

After you apply the tattoos, they will be in reverse (except for the symmetrical ones, like the spiders). Take this into account as you place them.





Water Slide tattoo decal-paper kit, 8 1/2" by 11", $20 for 5 sheets,


  • Printer
  • Ink-jet tattoo kit (decal paper and clear adhesive sheets)
  • Bone folder or burnishing tool
  • Tape
  • Water and paper towel
  • Shallow dish
  • Halloween tattoos clip-art


  1. Step 1

    In your computer’s printer-options menu, select the best-quality or highest-resolution setting. Download desired clip art and print on decal paper. Let dry 5 minutes.

  2. Step 2


    Peel the disposable backing from the clear sheet; align it with the printed decal paper.

  3. Step 3

    Using the long, straight side of the bone folder, burnish the clear sheet onto the decal paper. (Do not worry if some air bubbles form.)

  4. Step 4


    Use scissors to cut out tattoos as close to the edge of the design as possible (as shown with spiders).

  5. Step 5

    If you’re placing a lot of tattoos, first figure out where they will be positioned, and temporarily tape them in place. Remove each as you apply it. Use smaller-scale tattoos for rounded areas like the apples of your cheeks or around your mouth (larger tattoos might not conform to the contours).

  6. Step 6

    Peel off the clear sheet, and place the decal paper, design side down, against your skin. Dip a paper towel in water until it’s saturated but not dripping.

  7. Step 7

    Gently dab the paper towel over the paper, dampening all areas. When the paper begins to release from the tattoo, use your fingers to slowly peel it entirely away. Repeat for all desired tattoos.

  8. Step 8

    When you want to remove them, the tattoos will peel away from your skin, or you can rub them with baby oil.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2013



Reviews (15)

  • TMVGrant 19 Nov, 2013

    Keep in mind that inkjet inks are not FDA-approved for dermal contact. Many people have allergic reactions to non-cosmetic-grade inks applied directly to skin. This is especially true for children with sensitive skin.

  • Bugsey2013 6 Oct, 2013

    I am an art teach planning on using the spider clip art! I had no problem accessing it!, I have it downloaded, and I can't wait for the excitement with my students!

  • checkerlily 4 Oct, 2013

    These are beautiful designs by artist Stephanie Tamez. Thank you for providing the clip-art! It was well worth the cost of the magazine, which I actually bought for the ideas, the recipes, and the creative inspiration (not, ahem, the free clip-art of beautiful graphics, which was a bonus). I had no problems downloading the pdf or printing it, so obviously you've fixed your earlier issues. Too bad you can't fix the rudeness of some of your reviewers.

  • eb95946 1 Oct, 2013

    I don't have forever; need to finish this by Friday, 10/3...the link now works but the 'don't worry this will not appear when you print' still doesn't. I use a Mac; Firefox and Safari both have same problem downloading; also, use only Adobe PDF reader, not the full version which you should have to have to do this project.

  • MSLO Moderator 30 Sep, 2013

    9/30 We are currently working to post the PDF file for the Halloween tattoos. The posted PDF file is for the Skull Mirror project. Thank you for your patience while we upload all of the information from the October issue article, "Irresistible Ink."

  • eb95946 30 Sep, 2013

    This page is terrible; the 'spiders and skulls' are not available; there isn't a correct link; the one suggested gives the PDF but has writing all over it that says, 'don't worry, this will not print' and it DOES. Wild goose chase; I specifically bought the magazine for this project and cannot complete it because you don't have it properly set up. POOR QUALITY CONTROL! Won't be tricked into buying another magazine!

  • gsrader 29 Sep, 2013

    Bad link. Can it be updated please?

  • jajmd 29 Sep, 2013

    Try here.....

  • skotyluk 29 Sep, 2013

    No spiders, no skull, no nothing. False advertising. Not Martha Stewart's usual standards. Are we going downhill?? You Can't even produce a little clip art? You have it in your magazine. How hard is it to put it on line and save your reputation which is now shot to h.....!

  • jluv 29 Sep, 2013


  • heathertorre 28 Sep, 2013

    no spiders, no skull....pretty disappointing.

  • gretbrit 28 Sep, 2013

    Where are the spiders????

  • peccadilloes 28 Sep, 2013

    Sure would be nice if you have the correct PDF for download....this is a bit of a fail.

  • kimberly-bob 28 Sep, 2013

    Would be great if you could actually download the spider templates as the magazine says. Where are the spiders!?!?!?!

  • suzannepk 28 Sep, 2013

    This does not link to the spider clip-art. Only the Picture Frame. Please post the spider and owl clip art as promised in the magazine.